EduExpo’2019 –A Career and Admission Fair
March 11, 2019
EduFair’2020 – A Career and Educational Fair
February 27, 2020

EduExpo’2020 –A Career and Admission Fair

Career & Admission Fair-EduExpo’2020 is slated to begin from the fourth week of May’2020. Planned just after the Board results and various other competitive exam results, EduExpo’2020 is like “icing on the cake” as participant Institutes would get an ample opportunity to lay hands on the database generated from the previous event – EduFair’2020. EduExpo’2020 is set to be organized in prospective student enrolment hubs across the entire North-East.

EduExpo’2020 – A Career and Admission Fair
Shillong 26th & 27th May’20 All Saints Hall,IGP Point Tue – Wed
Silchar 30th & 31st May’20 Hotel Ellora Sat – Sun
Guwahati 5th & 6th June’20 Lakshidhar Bora Kshetra, Near District Library, Dighalipukhuri Fri – Sat
Agartala 9th & 10th June’20 Bhutani Market, Agartala Tue – Wed